I’ll be joining the Dobro world!

Well, I’ve wanted to do this for a while, I’ve played a couple of dobros before and they’re super fun and I’ve wanted one for a couple years. So, I just joined resohangout.com, and some people over there recommended I put a riser nut on an acoustic guitar to start learning. Shipping here isn’t reliableContinue reading “I’ll be joining the Dobro world!”

Ashokan Farewell

If you’re listening to that, I’ll explain what you’re hearing. That is the regional honeybees choir tryouts winners. Coming from windmill hive, they have some of the most talented bee singers around, and the director is none other than the amazingly talented Mr. Shuyeona. I joined them as an instrumental accompanist (each choir group wasContinue reading “Ashokan Farewell”

Cherokee Shuffle feat. The pickin’ critters

So I started recording this a couple months ago, and got almost done but didn’t add a bass track. Then I got busy and wasn’t able to finish till yesterday, when I decided to finish it and add some pictures so i could put it on YouTube. Well, I’m definitely not a computer person, thatContinue reading “Cherokee Shuffle feat. The pickin’ critters”

Practice, Perfection, and Professionalism

“Perfection is unattainable. But if we strive for perfection we may achieve excellence.” -Vince Lombardi (I think) So, as a musician, I’m always practicing, and there’s that saying “practice makes perfect” which is totally not true, but practice does make you better. So I’m on the journey of chasing perfection, which I know I’ll neverContinue reading “Practice, Perfection, and Professionalism”

What instrument is hardest?

So here’s a frequently asked question, and the answer is different for everyone. But since I’m not everyone, I’ll tell you what the answer was for me. And the question is also not so straightforward, there’s lots of considerations to consider. Ok, little disclaimer here, I picked these instruments up in about six month intervals,Continue reading “What instrument is hardest?”

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