Musicians: Expectations and false humility

Hey y’all, I haven’t written anything on here in a while because I’ve been pretty busy trying to….. actually I don’t know. I’ve just not been writing for a couple months and I’m going to blame travel for my literary procrastination. On to the subject at hand! I’ve been meaning to write something about thisContinue reading “Musicians: Expectations and false humility”

In conversation with Jake Stogdill

Hey guys, today I’m really excited to be interviewing Jake Stogdill!Jake, for those who don’t know you, can you tell us a bit about yourself?  Howdy Gunnar,  Thanks for reaching out.  This will probably be a short interview because there’s not much beneath the surface of “Jake Stogdill,” haha.  Plus, I always feel weird talkingContinue reading “In conversation with Jake Stogdill”

An interview with Alani Sugar

Hi guys, today I’m excited to be interviewing Alani Sugar! Welcome Alani, for those who don’t know you, can you tell us a bit about yourself?   Hi, my name is Alani Sugar, I am an 18 year old bluegrass fiddle player and I’m from Maryland (Baltimore area).  I’ve been playing fiddle for about 9 years. SoContinue reading “An interview with Alani Sugar”

My new original tune: Midnight Firefly I wrote this tune the other day while playing clawhammer banjo to put myself to sleep, and I saw a firefly flying around my room and decided to write a tune for it. The midnight part is easy to figure out lol. I’ve posted a couple videos of this on YouTube, but none withContinue reading “My new original tune: Midnight Firefly”

Check out this Christmas song duet we did!

So, this collab was completely online, and done through the arrangements are also from banjo Ben Clark. Here’s the post at So, she asked me if I would learn this for an online collaboration, and of course I couldn’t turn down a fun request like that, so I said totally! So IContinue reading “Check out this Christmas song duet we did!”

My links

This post is basically for my Instagram “link in bio” cuz I don’t want to change that link all the time, so here’s all my links on one page (subject to change without you noticing) My YouTube channel: My Instagram account: My Blog: My backing track website: Dr. John Cockman interview:Continue reading “My links”

An interview with Dr. John Cockman

little disclaimer here: this is the first time I’ve interviewed someone, so be a little forgiving of my questions. Hey guys, today I’m excited to be interviewing Dr. John Cockman! For those unfamiliar with you, can you tell us a bit about yourself?  Hi Gunnar, thanks for requesting the interview. I started fiddling at the ageContinue reading “An interview with Dr. John Cockman”

Fireball Mail on my new “Dobro”

So following on from my last post, here’s a video of me playing the guitar/dobro conversion It’s very quiet, cuz it’s a quiet guitar anyway and I’ve got it tuned down to F Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to, playing this incessantly…. “When you learn a tune, learn one you like, cuz you’ll beContinue reading “Fireball Mail on my new “Dobro””

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