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About Me

Hi, my name is Gunnar, and I’ll be writing this blog. I suppose you might want to know who I am or a bit about me, so I’ll write a quick bio here.

I am a homeschooler, and the second of eight kids, I’m a Christian missionary kid in Mozambique east Africa. I’m a multi instrumentalist, and I mainly play traditional acoustic music, including Irish music, bluegrass and old time, and occasionally some others. I play the Guitar, Harmonica, Banjo, Fiddle and Mandolin mainly, but I also sometimes play the Ukulele, Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Tin Whistle, Bamboo Piccolo, Trumpet, Piano, Dobro, and anything else that’s left within my (very long) reach. I’m also an athletic person, and I enjoy playing several sports including soccer, ping pong, tennis, squash and badminton, as well as trampoline trickery. I also am rather flexible, with the ability to do such things as the splits. I love motorcycles, and ride motocross whenever I get the chance, I am a fairly good mountain bike rider and casual level stunter, and I do parkour on a casual level (I can easily scale a ten foot wall)

I am a third generation smart aleck. (No further comment necessary 😂)

I was born in Texas and am an American citizen, but I’ve lived in Africa since before I could walk.

I decided to start a blog so I could easily share whatever brilliant nuggets of wisdom (or just plain chicken nuggets….) with the world. I don’t know what all I’ll post here, but I can tell you that it’ll be interesting and most likely funny.

So please do subscribe here, so you’ll get an email telling you each time I upload content, which could include (but not limited to) videos of me playing musical instruments, columns of various and assorted thoughts, and possibly even interviews with musicians (if you know any who would like to be interviewed do please refer me to them).

You can find my YouTube channel here:

And my Instagram here:

My free backing track website:

I guess I’ll be done now.

Watch out for mineshafts



Published by gunnarsalyer

Teen MK in Mozambique. Second of eight kids. Multi instrumentalist

One thought on “About Me

  1. just found you on fiddlllehangout. I play guitar and harmonica. used to play dulcimer. love bluegrass. started trying the fiddle a year and half ago at age 75. self taught with a lot of help from Jason at

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